Szczecin is the largest city on the border with Germany. From Szczecin you can quickly get to the Baltic Sea, by car, S3 road (1h) or by train (1h 30 minutes). They are building an Aquapark – Water Factory in Szczecin. It will be open at the end of 2022, and by the beginning of 2023 at the latest. If you are looking for Aquapark Szczecin in Poland, you can now go to Gryfino to Aquapark Laguna. Gryfino is located on the border with Germany, 30 km from Szczecin.

Aquapark Szczecin

Aquapark Szczecin Water factory will be a modern aquapark offering entertainment in the building, as well as outside, open swimming pools, sun loungers. The water park is located in the center of Szczecin. It has a recreational and educational function. The city waited many years for a decision to be made and received money for this purpose.

Water attractions in Szczecin

Before the Aquapark Szczecin is built, the residents of Szczecin can relax by the water. Although Szczecin is not by the sea as many people think, you can get to the sea quickly thanks to the S3 expressway. The journey will take us 1 hour. A popular destination is, for example, Świętouść, where there is a very popular and one of the largest campsites in Poland – Camping Tramp. The resort is located right by the sea, and on site you will find a shop, bar, bistro with dinners, a grocery store and free attractions for children.

If you are looking for entertainment by the water in Szczecin, take advantage of the offer of the Arkonka swimming pool complex. It is the largest water park in Poland, operating in the summer season. More than 8,000 square meters of swimming pools. There is also the Szyszka restaurant on site.

Popular swimming pools in Szczecin

Arkonka has open swimming pools, the Laguna Water Center in Gryfino is a typical Aquapark. In Szczecin, the Głębokie lake is also very popular, where there is a beach, water equipment rental, Floating Park (if you like surfing), and a rope park.

In 2021, many attractions at Lake Dąbie were renovated and added. There is a beach in Dąbie here. The entrance is payable, the descent to the water is very gentle.

How much do Aquapark Szczecin tickets cost?

Visit us at the beginning of 2023 to learn more about Aquapark Szczecin. Follow our website, check the ticket prices of Aquapark Szczecin.

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