A new amusement park project is underway near the seaside town of Mrzeżyno in the Gryfice County, West Pomeranian Region. The park is being developed by Ptak S.A, the company that owns Mandoria amusement park in Łódź. The park is expected to provide a completely new experience from Mandoria, with specific themes developed from the characteristics of the West Pomeranian region.

Before construction can begin, the authorities in the Trzebiatów municipality need to make the necessary changes to the study and then draft a spatial development plan. However, approval from various institutions is required, and the areas are subject to the Natura 2000 program aimed at preserving specific types of natural habitats and species considered valuable and endangered across Europe.

If everything goes according to plan, construction can begin in three years, and the first phase of the park can be completed in two years after the plan’s adoption. The exact locations of attractions and their height will depend on the plan.

The park will cover an area of several dozen hectares and is expected to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors when the entire project is completed. The park will have a range of attractions such as roller coasters, carousels, play areas, and family-friendly spaces, as well as accommodation and restaurant zones.

The amusement park project represents a significant opportunity for the Gryfice County and its residents. It will create job opportunities and foster the development of local businesses. In the first phase alone, the park will create approximately 300 jobs, with many subcontractors, souvenir sellers, and catering suppliers benefiting from the new business.

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