After years of anticipation and numerous delays, the Szczecin Aquapark finally opens its doors to visitors. Starting from June 1, 2024, this modern water complex will be accessible, promising unforgettable experiences for both young and old. Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and economic difficulties in recent years, the Szczecin Aquapark has become one of the largest and most modern recreational attractions in Poland. This attraction is not only a treat for the residents of Szczecin but also for tourists from all over Europe.

What Should You Know About the Szczecin Aquapark?

The Szczecin Aquapark consists of two main buildings: the aquapark itself and the Educatorium. The entire complex has a volume of 175,834 m³ and a usable area of nearly 17,000 m². Visitors can enjoy an impressive variety of water attractions:

  • Sports pool: A 25-meter pool for swimming enthusiasts.
  • Recreational pools: Both indoor and outdoor pools with various attractions.
  • Children’s area: Paddling pools and a water playground designed specifically for the youngest visitors.
  • Wellness area: Pools with hydromassage, an infinity pool, and a water escape room.
  • Multimedia cave: A unique attraction that combines entertainment and education.

Attractions in Detail

The recreational pool offers a water surface area of over 450 m² and is divided into three zones, each with different attractions:

  1. First zone: This features a water swing, a volleyball court, climbing nets, and a water curtain.
  2. Second zone: Comprising water leaves and rope nets for climbing.
  3. Third zone: Includes tubular water loungers with hydromassage, devices for shoulder, neck, and back massages, and underwater geysers. An additional attraction is a waterfall flowing from the mezzanine.

Educational Center Fabryka Wody (Water Factory)

The Educatorium is an interactive, modern educational area dedicated to the role of water in nature. On an area of over 4,610 m², scientific discoveries from various fields, such as mathematics, physics, geography, biology, and chemistry, are presented. The biggest attraction here is the world’s largest model of a water molecule (H2O), suspended from the ceiling, containing an auditorium with 49 seats.

The Educatorium is divided into six thematic blocks:

  • Space
  • Climate
  • Ocean
  • Human
  • Water civilization
  • Water engineering

Wellness Area and Sauna Complex

For relaxation enthusiasts, the Aquapark offers an extensive wellness area. Spread over three levels, there are 22 pools with a total water surface area of over 2,000 m², and the largest sauna complex in northern Poland. On a 2,500 m² area, there are 15 different saunas and themed baths, including:

  • Dry sauna
  • Rose bath
  • Herbal bath

The sauna complex regularly hosts sauna rituals and shows conducted by professional sauna masters. For children, there are special saunas with moderate temperatures, as well as film screenings and activities with animators, where they learn proper sauna techniques. Additionally, there is a snow cave, a magic roof – a sauna terrace, and a spa with massages, hop baths, and body treatments.


The Szczecin Aquapark is a unique place that enriches the recreational offerings of the city. With its diverse attractions, modern facilities, and impressive wellness area, it is a must-visit spot on the map of Szczecin. We invite you to the Szczecin Aquapark for a day full of adventure and relaxation – welcome to Szczecin!

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